Eitan Eldar will become one of the controlling shareholders of the Pie Trusts Company

The pair of financiers, Royi Gal, Eitan Eldar and their partner Gali Lieberman will invest in the Pie Trusts Company making them the controlling shareholders in the company and will reduce the share of the current shareholder, Aharon Cohen, who currently holds 33%. For 10.8 million NIS. 60 million shares of the company will be allotted to the investors, who, after their allotment, will account for 38% of the capital of the company according to the share price equal to 18 agorot, which is 44% lower than the price of the stock on the market.

As part of this transaction the three will be entitled, without any additional cost, to purchase another 30 million shares of the company at the strike price of 26 agorot per share, which is 20% lower than the price of the stock on the market. In addition to this, the controlling shareholder, Cohen, will grant the businessmen Eitan Eldar, Gil and Lieberman the option to purchase 12 million shares of the company, out of the 33 million that he holds.

Pie Trusts is involved in activity in derivatives and built-in products and the investors intend to use the company to expand the Nostro trade activity through stocks.

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