Eitan Eldar: “No fear of a real estate bubble forming in the UK” | IssueWire

Eitan Eldar - IssueWire
Eitan Eldar - IssueWire

Is the UK facing a new real estate boom? According to Eitan Eldar, founder and CEO of EEH Ventures, this might be the case. During an interview, published by IssueWire, Eldar said: “The government’s policies are in the best interest of the economy. For instance, after the equity threshold needed to get a loan was lowered, then came a higher demand for a home loan and a rise in prices”.

He added: “In my opinion, if the equity threshold needed to get a loan continues to decrease, the demand for loans will increase further and apartment prices will continue to rise, most especially, for apartments that cost less than £ 600,000”.

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